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Growing Minds and Hearts, Building Resilience

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Explore stories that turn complex medical concepts into engaging adventures, sparking your child’s imagination and making health education enjoyable and memorable.

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Our ebooks use playful learning with activity books and interactive content to help children explore medical and mindset themes joyfully, enhancing knowledge absorption and retention.

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Equip your child with the courage to face the unfamiliar! Our stories build resilience through relatable characters and realistic scenarios, boosting confidence in new situations.

Parents and medical professionals highly recommend Kidsology books for their effective mix of fact and fiction, highlighted by positive mindset themes. Children find comfort in our stories, reducing anxiety about medical procedures and other unfamiliar scenarios. The supportive resources are being used in classrooms, homes and medical waiting rooms.

Kidsology Books are crafted to turn children’s apprehensions about medical procedures into confidence and curiosity. Each book skillfully combines factual information with engaging fictional stories, making complex concepts easy to understand and entertaining.

By focusing on building a positive mindset, our stories feature relatable characters and scenarios that resonate with young readers, helping them navigate their feelings about new experiences.

The interactive elements like magic poems and downloadable posters further deepen the experience, providing children with additional tools to face medical challenges with resilience and courage.

Download the magic poem from Ana’s Magic X-ray and get extra resources here👇

Meet The creator of Kidsology books!

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Ana’s Magic X-ray by Jenny Buchanan (">PRE ORDER HERE! Published 29th August